Gleann Cholm Cille is a remarkable locale with plenty of ways to spend your time. We have gathered together some information for you and hope you enjoy your time in Glen.


HERITAGE WEEK TALK Oideas Gael Tuesday 22nd August 7:30pm

Important Spaces and Special Places: What makes Landscapes Special?

Dr William Megarry, Prof Keith Lilley and Dr Mark Gardiner

The ancient windswept landscape of Gleann Cholm Cille (Glencolmcille) is a special place, but what makes some landscapes special? This talk will explore the many prehistoric and historic events which shaped the unique and lasting character of this landscape.

PLACE and LANDSCAPE Places and landscapes evolve over many millions of years. Yet, it is usually the activities of the more recent past which remain visible in our present landscape. These activities give a place a sense of character. From the ancient tombs of the earliest inhabitants to the churches, stations and paths of the early Christian period, the past is still uniquely visible in Glencolmcille, alongside the more recent changes of the last 150 years. This talk will look at the special character of the area and explore how this character can be preserved in the future.


Oideas Gael

Oideas Gael language and cultural courses, Glencolmcille, DonegalOideas Gael language courses are specially designed to cater for the needs of adults at all learning stages, including those who are more advanced but in need of practice. Each course contains three or more levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and is usually of one week’s duration.

Since its foundation in 1984, Oideas Gael has attracted hundreds of participants annually to its highly acclaimed language courses and cultural programmes.

Irish people, drawn from all backgrounds, constitute up to half of those attending, while the remainder travel specially from numerous other parts of the world to attend. The unique blend of expertly prepared courses, together with an attractive mix of cultural sessions, all located within Gaeltacht communities, enable learners to improve their fluency in Irish while, at the same time, enjoying our living culture.

As an alternative to the graded language courses, a broad range of cultural activity programmes is offered to participants interested in experiencing a unique style of learning holiday.

Group Organisers are also catered for! Oideas-Gael have created a number of tailor-made programmes that are especially suited to participants' varied interests. Over the years, groups have been welcomed from prestigious universities both in the USA and Europe.

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View of the village, Glencolmcille, County Donegal

The Language

"Rich in its complexity, soulful in its expression and resonantly inspirational, the Irish language, too often perceived as a burden, is as important to our identity as the very land upon which it is spoken. Life without it would seem empty and unfulfilled — with it we nurture our sense of place. Too often we hear the cries of regret in advanced years, as if a part of us is missing, and, to remedy this, our challenge is to pass it on to the next generation and to encourage them to do likewise, for the fact remains and always will, the Irish language, battered as it may be, is far too strong to just simply go away."

— Fiachna Ó Braonáin ó THE HOTHOUSE FLOWERS

Irish language learning aids are available by mail from Oideas Gael— courses on tape, books, CD-rom, CDs of Irish songs & traditional music, dictionaries, teachers' materials and many other items. Oideas Gael offers same-day mail order service for purchases made online or by phone. (An SiopaGaeilge)

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View of Glen Head, Glencolmcille, County Donegal